Jack Tell has played in many bands in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, most notably Animals in Human Attire and Myles Coyne and the Rusty Nickels. But, when Jack started playing banjo more often than he took breaths or slept, he knew that he wanted to take his musical creation in a new direction.

When a tiny birthday celebration turned into an impromptu recording of 4 improvised songs, Jack and his friend Jordan Maye began playing banjo and mandolin together. It wasn't long before they invited their friend Alex Heaton to join as well. Alex had just recieved an upright bass from his childhood friend, and apparently one week of practice had gained him enough chops to join Jack and Jordan's bluegrass-ish banjo mandolin outfit.

The group, uneasily calling themselves Lousy Trouts, started playing every house show and last minute club bill that they could find, to surprising support and sometimes even applause. When Alex moved to a new house less than a block from Jack, they decided that winter was cold. Since winter is cold, you can't go outside. Since you can't go outside, you record an entire Lousy Trouts album in your living room using every possible instrument you can find... plus some you can't.

Thus born to the world was the creation of Lousy Trouts and their debut album, being released officially on March 29, 2014. Hours of sweat, blood, broken bass bridges, glockenspiels, djembes, tears, kung fu movies, tongue drums, banjo, mandolin, tin whistle, flute, recorder, and air organ have come together to produce something that we can proudly call... unique. Lousy Trouts. Enjoy yoself.